Amazing Race Asia 4 Episode 1: Home-court Advantage for the Malaysian Team

The team of friends, Ethan and Mohd, completely dominated the first leg of Amazing Race Asia 4 since it was held in their country of origin, Malaysia, giving the team an advantage. The 'Riches' (Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera) from the Philippines went second while the other Philippine team, 'The Party Girls' (Jacinta James and Lani Pillinger) was the eight team to reach the pitstop.

On the other hand, the Indonesian team was last to arrive but they were not eliminated since it was a predetermined non-elimination round. They will be back on the race but they will get a 30-minute penalty if they will not be the first team to arrive to the pitstop in the second leg.

Amazing Race Asia 4 airs every Thursday at 9pm on AXN-Asia.

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