Acid Attack Hoax: Bethany Storro Threw Acid On Her Face

The story of a woman from Vancouver, Bethany Storro, touched the hearts of many people when she claimed that one day, while purchasing sunglasses, a woman described as African-American approached her and asked if she wanted a drink. When she refused, the woman threw the cup on her face which actually contained acid.

After her story broke, she was invited to tell about it in Oprah show but recent events have caused the appearance to get canceled. Apparently, the acid on her face was self-inflicted. Authorities concluded this after obtaining several information in her statement that were not making any sense. Reports also claim that police found suspicious objects in her home that led to their questioning.

Bethany Storro now confessed to the police that she poured acid on herself. The motives of the action and whether authorities and prosecutors will file charges against her action are still unknown.

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