Jason Ivler Video Scandal 2011 | Jason Ivler Birthday S3x Video

Aside from the alleged photos of Jason Ivler drinking with a group of guys and girls which he denied saying it was taken before he was sent to jail, according to a TV Patrol report, a video which was purportedly taken inside Jason's cell also shows that the murder suspect is getting VIP treatment while in prison.

A screen capture of the video of Jason Ivler allegedly taken inside the jail

Uploaded on Facebook, the video shows Jason Ivler telling his "fans" to beat his prosecutors and his judge. In the later part of the clip, he said it was his birthday and he wanted a "birthday s3x" with a hot stranger and he will be giving her a free t'shirt. Lol.

In an interview, his mom, Marlene Aguilar said, "Kung anuman ang binebentang treatment do'n, kahit s3x pa iyon, kung gusto ng anak ko, I'll pay for it!".

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