'TV Personality' and 'Hot Hunk' making out in public | Greenbelt Scandal?

If it is going to be considered a scandal, it would be because some people still think that the female 'TV personality' is engaged to her ex-bf (if I got the clues right). But yeah, she and her current boo who was described as a "hot hunk" were just spotted kissing in a restaurant in Greenbelt 3, recently.

A blogger witnessed the 'event', took pictures from an iPhone (thus pixelated), and posted the pics on his blog. The blogger posted the story below (courtesy of Fashionpulis.com):

On my way to the washroom, I had to go inside the restaurant. When I passed through their table, I was so shocked when I recognized the girl. I rushed back to our table to tell my friends that the girl is a television personality. They did not believe me and insisted that the girl and the television personality just look alike. We were arguing about it for a while so I had to ask one of the waiters. He confirmed to us that the girl seated inside is indeed the television personality.

I did not know that she already ended her long term relationship with her boyfriend who is also a television personality. I thought the two were getting married soon. I even remember seeing them shopping together in Hong Kong's Pacific Place Mall a couple of years ago.

Do you know who is this television personality? Her kissing scenes with her hot date were just too frequent that my friend M. L. was able to take some photos using his I-phone. Please take a good look at the photos and tell me her identity.

I did not have a clue of who the female "TV Personality" is until I read on the comments posted on the blog. Here were the clues given:

"at anonymous....6:05...she used to be a traffic angel before she became famous.....as in nakasakay sa helicopter......anovah.......magbasa ka naman....mahilig ka pa naman sa chismis"

"ang Tarush ng Traffic Angel!!!!! She is a traffic angel indeed. Akala ko nga tranny or si Ms. Page from Staten Island "

"yes it is P! she modeled for a fashion show in Greenbelt 3 that same night:)"

"The guy left his GF to be with her. While she cheated on mister box office to be with him (as in S). Gets?! Sana lang maging honest na sha with all the rumors. Wala naman masama if she has a new guy diba? And sana wag na sha lumandi sa ex nya on tv. Mejo ang bastos kase tingnan. "

Meanwhile, here were the clues given for the "hot hunk":

"i know the guy! sounds like mango or bago. he lives in the same village as the ex bf. his family owns a fleet of rent-a-car and a hotel in baguio."

last december, we went to a wedding of the brother of hot guy in john hay. tv personality was there and indeed, they were bf-gf na. the guy is younger than girl.

"They are engaged to be married na. The guy's name starts with S. He is a car dealer. "

"the guy is only 29 years old. wealthy family from alabang. surname starts with M :) chikkaminute! "

Check out the said pics below courtesy of Fashion Pulis:

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