Willing Willie's comeback, scheduled on May 7th!

Update: 'Willing Willie' could go back on May 9th after given 1-month suspension by the MTRCB

"Willing Willie should not return! Everything is over with Willing Willie and Willie Revillame."

This is what 3,673 (63%) respondents of the Noypistuff Poll are saying.

The poll was started when controversial host Willie Revillame announced the show's 2-week break starting on April 11 after sponsors pulled out their ads on the show. There were also 2294 (38%) people who said that Willing Willie should be given a chance and resume airing on TV.

The majority of the voters of our poll may get disappointed with this news.

According to recent reports, Willing Willie will be coming back on May 7, 2011 (Saturday) - which means that the announced 2-week break has been extended for almost another 2 weeks.

Cristy Fermin confirmed the comeback on her show "Paparazzi". She said Willie Revillame already talked to the TV5 heads and set May 7th as the date of the show's return on air.

As previously reported, the show will showcase new games and segments together with its new LED dance floor which is said to be a first on Philippine TV.

Noypi has not closed the Poll, yet. You can still cast your votes below:

With the recent turn out of events, Willie Revillame has announced that his show "Willing Willie" will be off air for two weeks or until he makes up his mind of continuing the show without the sponsors.

What do you think, guys? Should "Willing Willie" go on air once again? Or is it better for TV5 not to have the show anymore?

Poll: ''Willing Willie", to return or not to return? Cast your votes!


The controversial March 12 episode of "Willing Willie" where a 6-year old boy named JanJan Suan did a macho dancing act as his talent in a segment of the show, has been found to constitute child abuse by some government agencies.

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board is currently investigating on the matter. Meanwhile, the show's sponsors have pulled out their ads on the show.

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