Pops Fernandez Photo Scandal

An uncensored version of the Scandalous Naked Photo below has been circulating everywhere. The woman on the scandal picture is allegedly the Concert Queen Pops Fernandez.

The ex-husband of Pops, Martin Nievera has been asked for his opinion regarding the photo and this is what he said:

"I’ve always been mad at anybody who would abuse the beauty and the glamor of Pops. If someone is really doing that using Pops’ face and her body, I really would urge him to stop doing that and to get a life. Do something else with your time.”

Pops Fernandez's son, Robin Nievera who is a Myx VJ also defends his mom saying:

"I know it’s not true. My mom will not do anything like that. And to the guy who did it? Get a life.”

Noypi thinks the Pops Fernandez Photo Scandal is just another photoshop product.. Wachotink? :D

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