Mistaken for Gunman, Actor Shot Dead by Tanod

Kirk Abella, 32, was part of the cast of a British movie "Going Somewhere" which is being filmed in the Philippines. On his second day on the acting job last Saturday, together with another actor Victor Sablada on a motorcycle, Abella was disguised as a gunman for his role. And suddenly, a village watchman or tanod jumped onto their moving motorcycle and shot Abella dead.

The tanod was identified as 52-year old Eddie Cuizon. Cuizon told the police that he was informed that there were armed men in his community. The police also questioned him for possessing a pistol when tanods normally only have batons.

Another thing that puzzles the investigators is why Cuizon still shot the actor when he was informed it was just a stunt for the movie.

The director's (Alan Lyddiard) website says that the movie is about a fictional documentary filmmaker's travails in Cebu, where he plans to make a movie about the first circumnavigation of the world by Ferdinand Magellan, whose voyage to the Philippines led to its colonization by Spain. Magellan was killed by a native chief on Mactan island near Cebu in 1521.

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