Sam Concepcion gets into a car accident

Sam Concepcion of "Good Vibes" got into a car accident when a jeepney hit the back of the van he was riding last night while heading home from Baguio. However, Sam told his fans and friends via Twitter not to get worried since nobody got hurt from the accident.

Sam Concepcion, Shirtless | Photo courtesy of Sam's Facebook Fan Page and to its original owner

"Yes, we did get into a car accident last night on the way home from baguio. The back of our van was hit by a jeepney. Everyones okay. Nothing to worry about. :)," Sam Concepcion tweeted a few hours ago.

The girlfriend of the late AJ Perez also send Sam a message on Twitter, saying, "Good to know you're safe! The handsome angel was guarding you. :)."

Newbie actress Jasmine Curtis, Anne Curtis' younger sister, also tweeted Sam reagrding the accident.

"@sam_concepcion hope that you and everyone are okay. Keep intact!" said Jasmine.

Recently, Sam and Jasmine were linked to each other after an old photo of them together surfaced. Check out Sam Concepcion and Jasmine Curtis' photo below:

Sam Concepcion and Jasmine Curtis | Photo courtesy of Samine Facebook Fan Page and to its original owner

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