Noypistuff featured on Showbiz News Ngayon! :D

Noypistuff's post about Sam Concepcion's accident was featured on ABS-CBN's late night entertainment show, Showbiz News Ngayon (SNN) on May 5. Hehe. Noypi considers it as an achievement. :)

Noypi would like to thank everyone who have been supporting the blog especially to the following who regularly post their comments: faith@ahead,, sarah, Arvin de la Pena and to almost 4,000 people who responded to Noypi's posts; to more than 10,000 netizens who took part in Noypistuff Polls; and to each and every person who followed the Noypistuff via GFC and Facebook. Thanks guys.

Noypi has been trying to look for a copy of the episode but I only found one which has a very low quality. Look at this pixelated screen capture. Lol.

Thanks again, guys! God speed! - Noypi

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