Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown (Edition) Pilots Tonight

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown (Edition) airs tonight following 24 Oras on GMA7. The special edition of the show is hosted by Richard Gutierrez and presents the following Filipino Celebrity Castaways:

1. Japanese model Akihiro Sato, “Mr. Nice Guy;”

2. Actor Ahron Villena, “Ang Bolero;”

3. Sexbomb dancer Aira Bermudez, “Dancing Warrior;”

4. Sexy actress and hot mama Aubrey Miles, “Ang Pasimuno;”

5. Parokya ni Edgar bassist Buhawi Meneses, “Tribe Leader;”

6. Track and field champ Elma Muros, “Strong Mama;”

7. Basketball player Ervic Vijandre, “Power Player;”

8. “Born To Be Wild’s” resident vet Doc Ferdz Recio, “The Boss.”

9. “StarStruck” avenger Ian Batherson, “Pilyong Amboy;”

10. Model Jon Hall, “Siga ng Isla;”

11. Actress Karen delos Reyes, “Taray Queen;”

12. Actress Michelle Madrigal, “The Outcast;”

13. Actor and host Mico Aytona, “Bibong Bunso;”

14. Real-life personal assistant Moi Bien, “Yayang Palaban;

15. “Bubble Gang’s” Myka Flores, “Bidang Extra;”

16. “StarStruck” avenger Princess Snell, “Pasaway;”

17. Model/socialite/artist Solenn Heussaff, “Diwata ng Isla;” and

18. Stand-up comedian Pretty Tizsa, “Cheerleader.”

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